Book Review: The Fens by Francis Pryor

This book proved to be something of a disappointment. The first half covers the prehistory of the Fens, the second half is a travelers guide to pubs, cafes, and churches.

There’s also a lot of inconsistency: for example, in the half about prehistory, there’s a section break and a new section about Pryor visiting a local aviation museum, which was completely out of place. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of that occurring in this book.

I really enjoyed Pryor’s books “Britain BC” and “Home”, but this book suffers from lack of structure. I’m easily given the impression that the publisher gave Pryor a wordcount that he struggled to make.

Either way, am still happy to read his other works – just be warned that this book is more a love letter about the place into modern times rather than the prehistoric periods Pryor’s other books cover.

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